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TRU Compliance Achieves Accreditation as a Product Certification Body

TRU Compliance achieves accreditation from the International Accreditation Service (IAS) as a product certification body for seismic, wind, and blast/physical security performance of nonstructural components. In addition, according to the International Accreditation Service, we are the second company to be certified for Seismic performance of non-structural components. However, we are the first company to be certified for Wind and Blast/Physical Security performance.

Domestic and international manufacturers contract TRU Compliance to test products and equipment required to achieve high performance during and after earthquakes, high wind events, terrorist attacks, and accidental explosions.

TRU Compliance’s clients that are worldwide leaders in …

What Distinguishes an ISO-Compliant Product Certification Agency?

Whether it’s fair-trade coffee, sustainably harvested lumber, energy efficient appliances, or other certified products, consumers and companies look for products that have high standards of origin, production, and performance. Structural Integrity Associates’ TRU Compliance mark is no different. Our mark shows buyers a product has undergone rigorous assessment for seismic, wind, and blast performance to nationally recognized standards.

However, not all agencies conform to the internationally recognized set of standards that govern a product certification agency, allowing it to be impartial, objective, and accountable to the public. The standard ISO/IEC 17065 Conformity assessment — Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes …

TRU Compliance: The Standard for Seismic, Wind, and Blast Certification

About TRU Compliance

TRU Compliance stands for safety and code compliance when failure is not an option.  Our clients manufacture cutting edge products that push the limits of operational performance and efficiency in many industries. We help them achieve continued performance during earthquakes, high wind events, explosions, and a host of other extreme events. We believe achieving code compliance in these areas should not be complicated. So, we continually invest in the development of innovative systems and approaches to simplify the lives of our clients and deliver efficient and transparent results, every time.

Product Certification Agency

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Blast Certification of Doors & Windows

A Better Way: Blast Certification of Doors and Windows

The blast engineer faces a huge challenge when it comes to specifying blast products on a project.  Typical government buildings have multiple window and door types in multiple zones of blast intensity.   Since blast loads are specified with pressure and duration, no single parameter defines the performance criteria.  Door and window manufacturers work hard to market their products to government contractors, but are inconsistent in the way they present their blast rated products in a complicated web of static testing, dynamic testing, and engineering calculations that makes a contractor unsure the …