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TRU Compliance: The Standard for Seismic, Wind, and Blast Certification

About TRU Compliance

TRU Compliance stands for safety and code compliance when failure is not an option.  Our clients manufacture cutting edge products that push the limits of operational performance and efficiency in many industries. We help them achieve continued performance during earthquakes, high wind events, explosions, and a host of other extreme events. We believe achieving code compliance in these areas should not be complicated. So, we continually invest in the development of innovative systems and approaches to simplify the lives of our clients and deliver efficient and transparent results, every time.

Product Certification Agency

We are a recognized leader in Seismic, Wind & Blast product certification. We are a full-service product certification agency executing project specific and product line approvals for a range of code requirements. Our team has been providing product certification services since 2008 and recently joined forces with Structural Integrity in May 2017, thus expanding our resources and reach. Our product certification provides customized, turn-key product certification programs tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs. Our staff has extensive experience in code development, project execution and peer review. Certification programs are founded on technically defensible approaches that satisfy the most stringent requirements and reviews. You can trust in us and our commitment to be a transparent product certification agency. With over 15,000 individual product certifications to date and even more internal subcomponents, we knows what it takes to effectively execute projects.

Seismic Certification

Our seismic team provides a streamlined approach to certification or qualification of equipment for use in critical facilities such as nuclear plants, electrical substations, ambulatory care hospitals, and emergency response centers. These assets serve a critical function that must be maintained during and after an earthquake. Following industry codes and standards such as IEEE 323/344, IEEE 693, ICC AC156, and ASCE 7, we certify a seismic rating for even the largest, most complex equipment using our network of accredited test labs and/or our industry leading engineering analysis tools.

Wind Certification

Our wind certification services provide hurricane, tornado, and windstorm testing and analysis to the latest codes and standards to certify products and keep them fastened when the storm hits. Whether certification is achieved from windborne debris, static pressure, or wind tunnel testing or if an application requires a detailed wind analysis, we help our customers achieve the wind ratings needed to get their products approved on any project.

Blast and Impact

Blast and physical security testing and analysis covers products protecting military, civilian, and industrial facilities from terrorism or accidental explosion. Windows, doors, wall systems, and vehicle barriers are often required to meet stringent government standards and require carefully crafted combinations of testing and project-specific analysis. We help our clients’ products achieve compliance with these standards through our network of test facilities including explosive ranges, shock tubes, ballistic ranges, and crash facilities.

Harsh Environments (NEW)

Since TRU Compliance joined Structural Integrity in 2017, we began integrating SI’s services for harsh environment certification of electrical component for critical facilities. Our team in the Electrical Services Group (formerly Engineered Solutions Group) is a great solution for OEMs and utilities looking for the right qualification plan for stringent harsh environment specifications.