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TRU Compliance is an independent product approval agency focused solely on providing code compliant certification for seismic, wind and blast requirements. While an obvious aspect of any certification is the development of a rational means to show code compliance, the code also requires certified components be labelled and periodically inspected by an approved agency, such as TRU Compliance.

TRU Compliance, and our parent company Structural Integrity Associates, are regularly classified as an approved agency by authorities having jurisdiction across the United States, including: the US Army Corps. of Engineers, California HCAI, Salt Lake City, Utah Building Department, Charleston, South Carolina Building Officials, and numerous jurisdictions in between. Products that are certified and listed with TRU Compliance are eligible to carry the TRU mark when meeting stringent performance and quality requirements. To be eligible for listing, product certifications must be code compliant, manufacturer’s must maintain adequate quality programs and be subjected to follow-up surveillance to ensure continued conformity.



Receive more than a test report, request a certificate of compliance. Most importantly, it is the intelligent determination that a product meets the requirements for the particular project.

When it’s time to compile a seismic, wind or blast submittal, include a TRU Certificate of Compliance with your test report. The certificate of compliance, with its accompanying product listings, shows the specifying engineer that the product size and type you are providing is qualified by testing and/or calcuations to meet the requirements of the project. Say goodbye to rejected submittals due to misunderstanding of the reviewing engineers and obtain a TRU Certificate of Compliance today. We can review all the testing you’ve previously completed and recommend new testing or calculations to fill in the gaps.



Within the International Building Code, products that are required to be certified and required to be labeled by an approved agency, like TRU Compliance.


Code regulations require that products needing certification and labeling be subjected to periodic inspection.


Let’s face it, product designs are continually evolving, yet product certifications are restricted to the versions considered during testing.


In order to comply with the International Building Code, certified components are required to be labelled by an approved agency. TRU Compliance is consistently approved by a vast number of building officials across the nation.

To be approved as a product certification agency, the following must be demonstrated to the authority having jurisdiction:

  • Independence:An approved agency shall be objective, competent and independent from the manufacturer of the product being certified.
    • Manufacturer’s cannot self certify their own components and maintain independence required for product labeling.
  • Personnel: An approved agency shall employ experienced personnel educated in conducting, supervising and evaluating tests and certifications.
    • TRU Compliance staff are not only experienced in executing and reviewing certification programs, but are responsible for authoring of code provisions presented in ASCE 7 for special seismic certification.
  • Equipment: An approved agency shall have adequate equipment to perform required tests.


TRU Compliance maintains a network of affiliate and partner labs for certification throughout the United States providing our clients with extensive options for testing products of all sizes.

The map showcases the test labs TRU Compliance works with.