TRU Compliance helps you design and certify anti-ram vehicle barriers to all the leading standards.

The concept behind anti-ram vehicle barriers is simple: if you can keep vehicles out, you can better protect people within.  Anti-ram barriers are distinguished from traffic control barriers by the rating they receive from a crash test, usually related to a vehicle mass, velocity, and penetration distance.

TRU can help with prototyping and test planning through advanced finite element modeling.  We contract with leading crash test facilities to carry out the test and to certify the results.

Many barrier types can be tested, including:

Active Barriers

  • Bollards
  • Drop-Arm Beam
  • Gate
  • Net
  • Post and Beam
  • Wedge
  • Cable

Passive Barriers

  • Bollards
  • Cable
  • Fence
  • Inertial