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Miami-Dade County has additional requirements for equipment that go above and beyond the typical IBC compliance requirements. In order to meet these requirements, manufacturers must obtain a Notice of Approval (NOA).

Obtaining an NOA requires a uniform static air test per TAS202 on the largest units and each smaller unit with a smaller material thickness. The impact test per TAS201 and the wind driven rain test per TAS100(A) are optional, but must be specifically noted on the drawings if not performed. The impact test must be performed on the largest and smallest units. Calculations must also be performed for the anchorage of the unit accounting for lateral and uplift loads.

The manufacturer must also provide detailed drawings for the equipment showing dimensions, thickness, material information, fastener and connection information, and equipment-to-curb and curb-to-roof anchorage details.

Obtaining a Miami-Dade NOA can be seamlessly integrated with an IBC wind compliance program to obtain a cost-effective wind certification.