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Code regulations require that products needing certification and labeling be subjected to periodic inspection. The ultimate goal is to ensure that products are built in accordance with the limitations, are within acceptable manufacturing tolerances and abide by restrictions of the certification program. TRU Compliance provides comprehensive surveillance programs aimed at evaluating the manufacturers quality program and manufacturing as required by Section 1703.5.2 of the 2015 International Building Code.


A key aspect to ensuring consistency in certified products is working with product manufacturers to implement quality programs to deliver repeatable results. While a product may be shown at a given point in time to comply with specific requirements for performance under seismic, wind or blast loading, it is essential to have measures in place that ensure repeatability of that performance.

TRU Compliance works with manufacturers to ensure that quality programs have measures in place to ensure consistent products are built. While this does not mean that every part must always be purchased from the same supplier, it does mean that quality programs have check points established when making modifications to the supply chain or manufacturing process. These check points are necessary to trigger a series of actions both internal and external to the manufacturing organization to evaluate the impact of proposed changes.

Our goal is to work to make the compliance effort as seamless as possible by establishing rational, easy to implement programs for manufacturers of all types of products. Our TRU Compliance client portal provides a streamlined method for submitting proposed changes that may occur due to changes in supply chain or manufacturing approach. Learn more about our change control program.


TRU Compliance firmly believes that the development and implementation of an effective quality program is a key aspect to ensuring continued compliance with code requirements. However, it is also a key to have period factory visits by trained personnel to evaluate products are constructed in accordance with the limitations of a product certification.

Our team is trained at developing programs for targeted period inspections of certified products with the goal of repeatable performance. The TRU Compliance staff develop a detailed inspection plan prior to arriving on site that focuses on evaluating critical characteristics of certified components. We focus our inspections on items that are shown to control the performance of the product based on our prior analysis, testing and product review. This can include items such as ensuring proper raw materials, fasteners and weld material is used, through to subcomponents and construction details.

Clients review inspection reports and deficiency notices through the TRU Compliance client portal which tracks issues and resolutions for future review.