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Past performance of equipment can be used as a cost-effective means to provide seismic certification of nonstructural components.

This type of seismic certification is known as experience data certification and is allowed in accordance with the International Building Code and ASCE 7 Section 13.2.6. Experience data certification is also used extensively in the nuclear industry in accordance with NRC Regulatory Guide 1.100.


People often think of experience data certifications based on consideration of past earthquake performance of a piece of equipment. However, experience based certifications can also be conducted by considering past shake table testing of other similar systems or subcomponents. TRU Compliance maintains an extensive database of certified components and subcomponents that has been compiled by collecting over 400 publically available seismic certification documents including shake table test reports. The consideration of this past testing, coupled with a comparison of tested to proposed systems, can be used to certify components in accordance with IBC and ASCE 7 provisions.

TRU’s seismic certification database contains over 50,000 unique components and subcomponents including mechanical and electrical systems from numerous manufacturers. Our database can be used to certify complete nonstructural components as well as to substitute subcomponents with different manufacturer’s or model lines. In other words, product substitutions are possible without the need to completely retest systems through the use of the TRU certification database.

The top level TRU database is available to all individuals at: TRU Seismic Certification Database

Detailed subcomponents and experience based certifications are available by contacting TRU Compliance and providing a detailed request: Contact TRU