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Make it easy for an architect to choose your doors to meet the requirements of UFC 4-010-01 or any other industry standard.

Nearly all occupied DoD buildings now require physical security resistant exterior doors. At TRU Compliance, we can help you test your doors to ASTM physical security standards, market your certified product line, and adapt your certification to an individual project.

Doors are notoriously difficult to validate for physical security loads through calculation. However, since most doors come in limited sizes, it can be feasible for manufacturers to complete physical security testing ahead of time so they can be ready to win a quick bid from a contractor.

With the entire U.S. military adopting physical security resistant door requirements on their buildings (via UFC 4-010-01) and other facilities such as government offices, embassies, and industrial facilities following suit, now is the time to get your doors approved for physical security with TRU Compliance.

Need ballistic or forced entry protection too? We work with some of the world’s most respected laboratories to certify your door to those standards as well.